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Yardley Great Trust has served the community in and around Yardley for centuries: its origins lie in the fourteenth century when John de Yerdeley gave his lands for the benefit of local people in poverty. The Trust is now part of a group of charities managed by Trustees who meet monthly (except August). Five of the Trustees are local Vicars, two are nominated by Birmingham City Council and others are co-opted for their special knowledge of the area. The Trustees also administer:-

  • The Colehaven Trust, which consists of eleven bungalows for older people in Coleshill

List of Trustees as of 18/10/2022 :-

Shakeeb Ali, Reverend Nejib Boumenjel, Reverend Toby Crowe, Reverend Lydia Gaston, Andrew Veitch, Cllr Paul Tilsley, Cllr Deborah Harris and Mrs Rajna Begum.

The current chairperson of the Trustees Reverend Lydia Gaston.

Occasionally there will be a vacancy for a Trustee. At that time, we shall be looking for a person who can spare at least one afternoon per month and who is enthusiastic about helping local people in need. If you would be interested in receiving further information about becoming a Trustee, please contact us.

The Trust’s staff are led by the Company Secretary and Chief Executive David Healey.

To view historical and up to date financial and other information on the Yardley Great Trust Group, click hereThis will take you to the website of the Charity Commission, which regulates charities in England and Wales. Our charity number to enter into the search box is 1091937.



We pay grants to relieve poverty to households and local groups.

Smaller grants can be awarded by the Clerk to the Trustees, Karen Grice. Larger grants are considered by the Trustees at their meetings. To find out more visit our Grants page here

Sheltered Housing

Our sheltered housing provides warm and comfortable accommodation in attractive locations for older people who can live independently, with or without support from carers. Each scheme has its own Scheme Manager who ensure that residents are supported as needed. Overall responsibility for the sheltered housing lies with the Housing Manager Lynn Bailey. To find out more, go to our sheltered housing page.

Nursing Care

Our purpose built nursing home in the conservation area of Old Yardley provides forty six bedrooms and associated facilities for frail older people. The Care Manager Maxine McMullan oversees the service. Find out more

Educational Grants

We administer educational grants on behalf of Yardley Educational Foundation. To find out more, click here.


We provide work for over 100 people in care, catering, domestic work, administration, etc, and we provide volunteering opportunities. For more information, please have a look at our jobs and volunteering page


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