Grants for Organisations Suspended

It is with regret that YGTG has suspended its grants programme to external organisations for the remainder of 2023.  The Trust receives many applications and is also facing the challenges many of our partners are experiencing in the current financial climate.   We appreciate that this will be disappointing for some of you, but we would like to assure you that later this year, we will be agreeing our future strategic priorities and we hope to be able to launch a new programme in 2024.  Our grants programme to individuals remains open and we continue to encourage applications. 


The Trust pays grants aimed at relieving poverty to households, organisations and community groups. We help individuals and families by providing basic essentials such as furniture, cookers and washing machines for people who cannot afford to buy them, although individuals/families cannot apply for grants direct to the Trust. Referral agents such as Neighbourhood Offices and CAB offices arrange for applications to be made to the Trust.


Individuals & Families

We pay grants for essential items such as ovens, fires, washing machines and refrigerators, but we do not accept applications direct. Referral agents such as Neighbourhood Offices and CAB offices arrange for applications to be made to the Trust.

If you want to apply for a grant from the Trust, click here to download a list of referral agents.

Contact the one nearest to you and ask them to make a referral to the Trust. They will complete an application form on your behalf.

Referral Agents

Please refer to our Grants from Yardley Great Trust: Guide for Referral Agencies before making a grant application for a client, unless you are already familiar with the guide.

To make a grant application click here and enter the password, when you will be able to submit an application online.


If you do not have a password, please contact our office.

If you have any problems in making grant applications or have any queries, please contact our administration office on (0121) 784 7889.

Organisation & Community Groups

We support organisations and community groups that benefit people in the Trust area with cash grants.

Before deciding whether or not to support an organisation or community group, trustees will consider:-

The aim(s) of the project

  • The client group(s) and number of anticipated clients
  • A “business plan”, or statement of anticipated progress for at least the next year, preferably three years revenue estimates for at least the next year, preferably three years
  • To what extent other financial assistance might be available

If you represent an organisation or community group that wants to apply for funding from the Trust, please ensure you have this information to hand before completing our online application form (click here to open a form to complete)