I woke up quite early on the day of the royal wedding and was assisted down to the dining room where I enjoyed a big breakfast of sausage, bacon, eggs and toast. The staff then came and asked us whether we would like to wear a union jack hat and scarf  which I was delighted to accept. This made me feel very much in the spirit of the day.

The wedding itself was shown in the front lounge on a big screen so that it was very easy for us to see. This is where the excitement started. The wedding was beautiful and the bride looked stunning, her dress was beautiful. After they were announced man and wife we were presented with a glass of champagne and strawberries.

At 12pm we had a buffet lunch which was delicious and there were lots to choose from. At 3pm a singer who regularly visits Grey Gables came and sang lots of songs from musicals which were lovely and made one of the staff cry she enjoyed it that much.

Next we had a quiz about the royal family in which I came first and won a royal cup, which now sits on my bedside table. As the day came to an end we had a royal supper where we all sat together in the dining and spoke about the fun we had that day. Unfortunately I had to retire to bed around 10pm as the whole day had worn me out.