Various scenes around the Yardley Great Trust Group

YGTG is excited to share that it will be working in even greater partnership in the coming months with one of our closest partners & neighbours, Sir Josiah Mason Trust (SJMT).   Yardley Great Trust is currently without a Chief Executive and SJMT has agreed to share its Executive Team with the Trust during 2023,
whilst we agree our plans for the future.

This agreement builds on an existing relationship between the two Trusts which are very similar in regard to activity and size and should be of great benefit to residents and staff at the Trust.  This comes at a time when SJMT has strengthened its management infrastructure and is therefore well placed to support Yardley Great Trust.

We hope that this partnership will lead to more collaborative working and greater
opportunities and benefits for our residents and staff.  

Rev Lydia Gaston 
Chair of Trustees


The Administration Office
Administration office staff have moved to a hybrid working arrangement, so if you want to meet one of our staff face to face you will need to make an appointment to ensure that the person is in the office. The phone (01217847889) is answered every day Mondays to Thursdays 9.00am to 4.30pm and Fridays 9.00am to 1.00pm. If you prefer to email us, the naming convention is, or use, and the message will be passed to the appropriate person, who will get back to you.

Greswold House and Yardley Grange: Our Care Homes
Our care homes continue to provide care and support for their residents and we have rigorous procedures in place to minimise the risk of transmission of infection.

The requirement for visitors to test for Covid infection before entering care homes has now ended, but please help us to minimise the risk of transmission of infection by:-

  • letting us know in advance when you intend to visit;
  • not visiting if you are feeling at all unwell or you have been in close contact within the previous fortnight with someone who has become ill;
  • ensuring that windows are open in the room where you are meeting your loved one;
  • asking to do a garden visit when the weather allows;
  • wearing a face mask during the visit: we would be happy to provide you with one;
  • washing your hands thoroughly before and after the visit;
  • keeping physical contact to a minimum (of course hugs are allowed, but keep them brief, please)

If you can’t visit, the staff at the home are always willing to assist with phone calls, or video calls if possible.

Carrs Lane Gardens, Colehaven Cottages, Cottrells Close, Foliot Fields, Greswold Gardens, Old Brookside, Yardley Gardens: Our Housing Schemes
Communal lounges on our independent housing schemes are now open for use by residents with appropriate precautions. Repairs to buildings are back to normal.